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Sending Cakes Internationally: Dos and Don’ts

Sending cakes internationally can be a logistical nightmare. Will they go through customs? (Spoiler: we don’t recommend that!) How long will it take? The questions go on for miles, and frankly, it can be a nightmare to navigate.

That’s where the experts at comes in. Not only are we prepared to help you send cakes internally and right next door, but we’re also ready to answer all those pesky questions for you. If you’ve decided you’re ready to send a cake now, then head on over to our site. But if you’d like to learn more about the dos and don’ts of surprising your friends, family, and colleagues with cakes worldwide, then keep reading.

Sending Cakes Internationally

What Do I Need to Know About Sending Cakes Internationally?

Trying to figure out how to send a cake internationally on your own is an adventure. You’re thoughtful AND brave for even considering it. There’s a lot you need to know, and we’re here to help spare you the intensive research. Picking out the cake is a matter of personal taste. If you know your recipient’s favorite flavor, it’s best to surprise them with that. If not, getting recommendations from the bakery you choose can make things easier. Then the process of actually sending the cake begins.

Step One

Consider where you’re sending your gift. If you’re looking to send cake somewhere in your country, then contacting a local bakery to set up delivery can be relatively straightforward. However, if you want to send cake to another country then you’re involving customs. Many countries do actually allow for individuals to send baked goods to one another as gifts. However, when you send anything through customs, you’re setting yourself up for the great unknown.

Even if you pay for the fastest (and most expensive) delivery option, customs may still hold your gift for any number of inspections. And no, they won’t refrigerate it or reimburse you if the cake spoils in transit. Assuming it does make it on time, your recipient may still have to pay fees upon receiving the cake. Nothing ruins a gift faster than your recipient having to pay to enjoy it.

You can try coordinating with bakeries in your recipient’s country. However, there’s no guarantee this will succeed. You’ll need to navigate time differences and language barriers to speak with the bakery to plan your gift. Assuming you navigate those barriers successfully, you may still fall short when it comes to payment. Many local and small bakeries simply aren’t equipped to accept international payments.

Step Two

Making sure the cake arrives safely. Every bakery has a different policy when it comes to delivery. Couriers that handle international deliveries aren’t always mandated to get a signature for the package, and the tracking can be unreliable. If you send a cake internationally without a guarantee that you’ll be notified about delivery, you could end up in an embarrassing situation. Always make sure you work with a service that will contact you when your cake is delivered. This will allow you to follow up with your recipient to ensure everything arrived safe and sound. Damage in transit, or worse spoilage from being left on a porch, is a high risk with something as perishable as cake.

Sending Cakes Internationally - Woman delivering a chocolate cake

Sending Cakes Internationally How To Make It Easy

Sending cake internationally should be a sweet experience for everyone involved. When you order cakes for delivery with us, that’s exactly what you get. From start to finish your order is carefully tracked every step of the way.

First – We deliver to a number of countries around the world without ever crossing customs. This means that in most cases, we deliver your cake in as little as 2 to 4 business days. Ensuring your recipient is surprised with fresh, delicious cake, and NO customs or duties fees.

Second – Each and every country’s catalog is filled with the most popular cakes for the region. To simplify selecting the perfect cake, we have divided them into common categories, such as thank-you cakes or cakes for clients, to streamline your selection process.

Third – We offer a variety of corporate gifting services to make surprising your VIPs with cakes even easier.

Finally – We follow up to let you know your cake has been delivered. With a customer service team available 24/7 we’re prepared to answer your questions any time.

A Quick Check List For Sending Cake

Along with sweet icing decorations, there are a few other things you’ll want to remember. These recommendations for sending cakes internationally apply no matter how you send them. Most importantly, they include a thoughtful gift message. It doesn’t matter how delicious your cake is, if your recipient doesn’t know who to thank they may feel uncomfortable with the gift.  

Second most important, time your cakes right! With such a perishable item, you’ll want to ensure your recipient is home to enjoy them. Try sending your cakes during the week, when they’ll be less likely to be out traveling. Your cake will also mean more if you send it for a special occasion. Birthdays are the most obvious cake event. But you can think outside the box, sending cake as a thank you for attending a meeting or closing a big deal. You can even use it to welcome someone to the team or wish a valued employee all the best once they retire.

Finally – make sure you send enough cake to share. Nothing makes this delicious treat more enjoyable than being able to share it! Except for maybe being able to go back for seconds. If you’d like to work with a cake gifting expert to figure out your next moves, fill out this form to get in touch. Or contact us any time via phone, email, or chat.

You’ve got insider tips on sending cakes internationally; now what?

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