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Beyond Vanilla: Indulging in the Extraordinary with Exotic Cake

When it comes to the glorious pleasure’s of life, indulging your taste buds in a sensational piece of exotic cake is pretty high up on the to-do list. Although we can all agree that classic flavors, such as rich cocoa chocolate, moist vanilla-bean and buttery red velvet are class favorites. There are many times when our palates crave for a little something different – something a bit more…exotic.

For those days when you’re feeling adventurous in the bedroom, I mean.. kitchen, here’s a list of exotic cakes that are beyond vanilla. 

Exotic Cake Unveiled: A Blend of Eccentric Flavor Bombs 

As an amateur baker myself, the concept of endlessly recreating the same age-old recipes in my grandmother’s baking book holds a simple charm that I truly adore. Yet, the rebel within me yearns to break the rules and trigger a few faces of confusion and bewilderment at the tea table. So, if this is the kind of cheekiness that excites you, scroll down for a few questionable cake recipes that are undoubtedly delicious!

Rhubarb and Rose Petal Cake

Pink and pretty, this gorgeous floral cake is a sweet blend of vanilla, poached rhubarb and a touch of rose. The succulent rhubarb is cooked and diced into fine pieces, then stirred into the cake batter before creating a soft and moist cake. Layered with flavors of rose water, vanilla-bean and sweet powdered sugar, this exotic cake is perfect for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries or Birthdays

Lemon Beer Exotic Cake 

A tantalizing fusion of zesty lemon and frothy brew – the Lemon Beer Cake will unveil a symphony of flavors that will lift your eyebrows in just the right way. With a tangy lemon flavor that intertwines with the subtle bitterness of a carefully selected beer. This cake is not for the faint-hearted. We suggest including it in a 21st Birthday celebration for just the right amount of zest. 

Sweet Potato Brownies

Okay, this is not a call for almond-moms or healthy gurus to unite. This is exotic cake we’re talking about! Sexy and delicious exotic cake.. And yes, sweet potato isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you mention the word sexy at an intimate social event. It is, however, a segway into our next eccentric cake combination. Introducing – Sweet Potato Brownies. Fudgey, soft, moist and delicious.. Need I say more?

Bacon and Banana Muffins 

Remind your guests to expect the unexpected when you bring these bacon and banana muffins to the next breakfast picnic. Truly a sight to behold, these fluffy muffins are an unusual mix of salty and sweet. Taking the cake (quite literally) for the most eccentric flavor bomb combination, these bacon and banana muffins are an ode to the classic banana and bacon flapjacks we all love and adore. 

Exploring the World of Exotic Cake with International Flavors

Before we travel the world via cake flavors, let’s explore the deeper meaning of the term “exotic cakes”. According to the Oxford dictionary, the word exotic means to, originate in or characteristic of a distant or foreign country. Yet it’s also common lingo to describe items that are unusual, unfamiliar, or exciting. I’m quite sure we won’t need to dive into the definition of cake, so with great respect let’s do a taste test of exotic cakes around the world. 

Pastel de Tres Leches – México 

This traditional Mexican cake boasts three layers of pure bliss, each one a delicate blend of moist vanilla sponge cake and creamy goodness. The layers are generously spread with velvety dulce de leche, infusing each bite with caramelized perfection. Topped with a fluffy cloud of whipped cream and adorned with a sprinkle of colorful confetti, this dessert is a celebration of flavors and textures. 

Matcha Cake – Japan

This elegant dessert features a soft, moist cake infused with the vibrant essence of finely ground matcha green tea leaves. Adorned with a dusting of powdered matcha and a gentle touch of sophistication, this cake embodies the artistry and grace of Japan’s tea culture.

Vetkoek – South Africa 

A beloved traditional dessert that will captivate your senses. These golden, deep-fried dough delights are irresistibly light and fluffy, with a crispy exterior that gives way to a pillow-soft interior. Served piping hot, they are generously dusted with powdered sugar and filled with a variety of delectable fillings. Whether you choose a sweet jam filling, a rich custard, or a savory mince, each bite is a heavenly experience. Vetkoek represents the heart and soul of South African cuisine, offering a comforting and indulgent treat that will leave you craving more.

Sending Cakes Around the Globe

One of the greatest joys of cake is knowing that you can share it with your loved ones. Whether it’s for a birthday occasion in the office, or a Thank You Cake to your beloved. There’s nothing more special than cutting a cake into pieces and handing it out to the special ones around you. 

At Cakes Overseas, we know what it means to share in the goodness of life, that’s why we provide you with a way to send gorgeous cakes and treats to your friends, family and business associates, no matter the distance. You can send cakes internationally to over 200 countries with a simple click of a button. From toasted amaretto cheesecake, to a chocolate lover’s cupcake collection, and so much more. We have our very own exotic cake selection that will leave you spoiled for choice!

Now that you’ve discovered more about Exotic Cake, What’s Next?

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