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Corporate Cake Ideas – Make It Personal

You may remember our previous blog discussing cake as a corporate gift. If not, this is the perfect chance to go back and read it! If you don’t have time, the elevator pitch is that cake is a standout corporate gift. Ideal for everyone in the business world and for a variety of occasions that reach far beyond birthdays. This blog aims to expand on corporate cake ideas that you and your team can use to elevate your gifting!

If you’ve ever asked yourself what to write on a cake for a business associate – we have tips for that. Questioning just how to personalize a cake for employees? We have tips for that too. The key to inspirational corporate cake ideas this year is to make them personal. We’re here to help you balance the sweet nostalgia that is cake with your professional image to create an unforgettable surprise for your VIPs.

Corporate Cake Ideas - chocolate and pistachio cake

Corporate Cake Ideas – Trending Cakes in 2023

When sending cake as a corporate gift, you’ll want to consider current trends. It’s still considered a class act to cater to the birthday person if the cake is for someone’s birthday. But what do you do if the cake is meant to celebrate a group rather than an individual?

Current trends would suggest the ultimate power move is to send a variety of cupcakes! There are a few perks to consider here. First of all, sending cupcakes gives you a pre-divided portion of deliciousness. This makes it a breeze to know you’ll have exactly enough for everyone on the team or in the office. Second, variety! Getting different flavors of cupcakes is far more practical than getting a variety of cakes.

However, there is something about the look of a full cake that makes an impression cupcakes just can’t. For those moments where your office demands an eye-stopping showpiece, say for an end-of-the-quarter potluck, cakes with fruit are this year’s favorite.

When it comes to getting corporate cake ideas for gifts, the catalog on Cakes Overseas is designed to inspire. Each country’s catalog is kept up to date with regional favorites for each category, which makes shopping for your corporate cake gift a breeze.

Cake Decorating Ideas for Business

You’re already standing out when you send a cake as a corporate gift. But if you want to stand out more, how the cake is decorated can take things even further. There are two main things to consider: the icing color and what the cake will say.

We’ve divided this topic into three categories to give you a jump start. If you already know how you’d like to decorate your cake – you can contact our team with your request to get started.

Corporate Cake Ideas - Happy Birthday Cake

Corporate Cake Ideas for Birthdays

Many people ask: What is the best cake for corporate birthdays? The answer – the more personal it is, the better. This is easier when surprising someone in your office with a cake for their birthday. If your HR department isn’t already asking team members about their favorite birthday treats, chances are someone in the office knows. Celebrating a team member’s birthday with cake is a chance to show how well you know them.

When it comes to personalized cake ideas, you should go beyond surprising them with their favorite flavor. Go the extra mile to ensure their cake is frosted in their favorite colors or the colors of their favorite sports team. While you may be tempted to write a more personal message on the cake, leave that for the card.

Decorating a cake with a simple and elegant “Happy Birthday” is best for sending birthday cakes inside and outside of your team.

When surprising someone outside of your office with a birthday cake, it’s more about what not to do. Don’t fall into the temptation to make the cake about you. Stay away from adding your company logo or coloring the cake colors that represent your office. If you have the information needed to make the cake as personal, stick to the same rules as surprising someone in the office. Otherwise, stick with something that is decorated simply and elegantly.

How to Decorate a Cake for a Job Anniversary

Another popular time to surprise your employees with cake is their job anniversary. If you have a small team and can afford to celebrate everyone’s milestones, it’s a good idea to make the cake about them. Try using this as a time to expand their pallet by giving the team a corporate cake with a unique flavor. When it comes to writing on the cake, it’s good to give simple praise and leave more detailed feedback for a card or employee review. Some examples include:

  • — Another year of amazing work, “name”!
  • — Three Cheers For “Name”
  • — Way To Be An MVP
Corporate Cake Ideas - peach cake

Corporate Cake Ideas for VIPs & Business Partners

When it comes to sending cakes to VIPs and business partners, timing is everything. We’ve already talked about how to surprise them for their birthday, but that isn’t the only time to send cake. Cake is a great gift to surprise those who don’t drink during the New Year! Or, celebrate a year of working together by treating them to an indulgent cake they can share with their team or family.

You’ll want to keep it simple when it comes to personalizing their cake with a message. After all, you’re not sure who they’ll share the cake with. Leave the more personalized notes for the card or a phone call.

For a cake you send for a holiday, a simple “Happy New Year” or any other holiday greeting is best. Suppose you’re celebrating a business merger, welcoming back a long-term client, or celebrating your one year of doing business together. In that case, current trends advise you to leave the cake writing-free. A simple, elegant cake topped with fruit and decorative icing is a statement piece all on its own.

The Sweet Taste of Victory

As with any gift in the corporate world, you will send better gifts and cakes the more homework you do. The best gift-givers keep personal notes in their address books that list allergies, food preferences, and other personal information that could help inform gift selection. When in doubt, a trusty gift card to Cakes Overseas will leave your recipients ready and able to treat themselves when the moment is right. These make for excellent rewards for overachievers and diligent customers. Whatever sweet treat you send, include a thoughtful gift card. After all, it’s the thought that counts, and there’s no better way to ensure they know precisely why you’ve chosen to spoil them.

You’ve read up on some corporate cake ideas; now what?

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