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Cake as a Corporate Gift: Does it Really Sweeten Business?

When it comes to standing out in business, it’s clear that personal touches can make the difference between your business being memorable, or forgettable. Since the pandemic, corporate gifts have gone from a perk to a necessity, with over 80% of businesses that participated in a 2021 survey stating that corporate gifts have improved their relationships with their employees and clients. But what does that have to do with cake as a corporate gift? Well, standing out, of course.

When sending gifts as a business, you want to do something that will leave your recipient thinking about you long after the gift has been enjoyed. If your instinct is to reach for swag, you’d be wrong. In fact, swag is often seen as impersonal because it is more about the business than the recipient.

This is precisely why cake as a corporate gift makes perfect sense. After all, that decadent sweetness isn’t going to last long. But the idea that a company cared enough to send a sweet, indulgent dessert? Well, that idea leaves a lasting impression on any recipient.  

Still not sold? Keep reading to find out more about the wonders of cake and what it can do to sweeten business.

Cake as a corporate gift - man enjoying his cake at his desk

Can Cake Be a Business Gift?

It can be hard to see cake as a business gift. But why? Businesses have long swapped wine, cigars, and even watches to impress their business partners and clients. These kinds of gifts have been swapped for so long that they’re starting to become stale. In today’s gifting world – you need something that stands out. With all the nostalgia it can bring, cake as a corporate gift makes perfect sense.

You aren’t just giving your recipients an impersonal bottle of wine they’ve never heard of before. You’re giving them a dessert that has decorated dozens of happy moments in their life. Better still, you’re giving them a dessert they can enjoy without the hassle of having to bake one themselves.

Sending cake as a corporate gift feels personal because it is personal. That connection is just the thing you need to set you apart from your competitors.

Cake as a Corporate Gift: Who Is it for?

But, who exactly should you be sending cake to? Honestly, unless there are dietary restrictions to consider (and likely those can be worked around), it would be a struggle to think of someone you shouldn’t send a gift to! The kind of cake and when you should send it may vary depending on the recipient. We’ve put together some handy tips depending on just who you want to surprise with a little something sweet.

Customers & Clients

No business is complete without customers and clients, and nothing builds loyalty quite like making a customer feel seen. In fact, when your company has a robust customer loyalty program that includes gifts, you can see up to a 40% increase in customer retention.

When it comes to sending cake as a corporate gift to your customers – go with what’s obvious. Birthdays reign supreme as the day you’re most likely to impress your clients with a gift of cake. But don’t stop there; you can also surprise them on the anniversary of their first purchase.

As a bonus, when you’re interviewing your customers and clients about how they enjoy your service, take the time to ask them a few personal questions. Asking what their favorite flavor of cake is, what their favorite holiday is, along with what has made your company stand out will show them you’re taking a personal interest.

Acting on that by sending them the cake flavor they mentioned as a thank you for taking the time to speak with you will make their impression of you much more favorable.

Cake as a corporate gift - cake in the office for a birthday party.

Business Partners

Cultivating long-lasting business partnerships is an art form. One that grows increasingly more difficult as more and more competition emerges in your industry. Get ahead of the pack when you include cake as a corporate gift!

Go beyond impressing the CEO and other leads, and work on impressing the whole team by sending enough cake for the office to share after they complete a project with you. Not only will this make you stand out as generous, but it will also win you some well-deserved favoritism from the minds leading projects.

Go a step further and take note of key members’ birthdays. Sending a cake they can present to the office is a win/win for everyone!


If you want employees with you for the long haul, you must show them they’re valued. Building a robust reward program for project completion and loyalty is just the way to lower employee turnover and increase productivity.

Try sending cake to your highest performing team as a thank you for a job well done. Giving them some time to celebrate in the office, and a sweet treat on top of it, is a great way to boost morale.

Additionally, you can reward other key milestones like their 5-year anniversary with the team or a promotion.

A variety of cake as a corporate gift.

Cake as a Corporate Gift: Make it Personal

When all else fails, you can send a cake as a corporate gift just for the sake of being sweet. Sometimes the most stand-out gifts are the ones you send for no reason at all. Make sure you include a heartfelt message along with your cake, to thank your recipient for their years of loyalty, service, or dedication to your brand. While it is possible to add things like your logo to a cake, we actually don’t recommend it. As stated at the start of this article, your gift should focus on your recipient and make them feel special. But if you feel it is vital, say for a brand launch party, you’ll want to make sure you place a custom order well in advance, so there’s time to coordinate with the bakeries.

Remember, when you send a cake as a corporate gift, you’re really sending a little extra joy. When you make your gifts fun for your recipient, you make your brand unforgettable. The sweet secret to corporate gifting success, make your recipient feel like a VIP!

You know the befits of sending cake as a corporate gift; now what?

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