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Cakes for Corporate Events: Tips for Success

The life of a successful company is full of ups and downs. Any thriving company will tell you that those who work hard play hard. In order to make any team work a little bit harder together, they also have to party together. (Without breaking any rules from HR, of course!) And no event would be complete without cake! Luckily for you, the best cakes for corporate events are only a few clicks away at Cakes Overseas!

If you’re still reading, then you can only be here for one thing: research! Lucky for you, we’re ready to deliver. Keep reading to dive into a quick guide to picking out the perfect corporate cakes. Get ready to make your next corporate event a little sweeter.

Cakes for corporate events - chocolate cake cut into single-serving squares

When to Order Cakes for Corporate Events

The first and most important question for the event planner: how far in advance can you order a cake for your event? The answer can vary a bit. For simple cakes, most bakeries request ordering one to two weeks ahead. For complex cakes with heavy design work, or large orders, it’s best to order one to two months ahead of time.

When you order with Cakes Overseas, you enjoy a lot of perks. Our catalog is designed with excellence and speed in mind. Meaning you can get delivery of your cake in as little as 2-4 business days. This makes it possible to get cakes for corporate events, even when they’re last minute! We’ve established relationships with numerous regional bakeries and shops around the world to give you the ultimate access to international cake delivery. If you want to order off menu – we can help with that too. Simply get in touch with us by filling out our custom order request form – and we’ll get back to you with what is possible.

As with ordering a cake anywhere, you’ll want to have the following information about your cake ready:

  • — The estimate for how many people the cake should serve.
  • — The cake and icing flavor preferences.
  • — Your idea for the design of the cake.
  • — When you need the cake to be delivered.

Excuses for Cake: Corporate Event Ideas

If your office life has previously been dessert free, it’s not too late to change! After all, investing in personal touches around the office is proven to reduce employee turnover. And what’s more personal than cake? It’s a good idea to survey allergies and diet restrictions ahead of time to ensure you have options for everyone. We recommend offering two cake flavors where possible, along with a gluten-free and sugar-free dessert option so everyone can indulge!


Perhaps the most obvious time to serve cake is a birthday! But we aren’t suggesting just any birthday here. Instead, turn the birth of your company into a full-blown celebration for the whole team! Hosting a birthday for your company can be the perfect team-building opportunity.

Cakes for corporate events - two tier chocolate cake

Reaching Milestones

Nothing motivates employees to reach company goals quite like being rewarded! In addition to whatever bonus or raise incentives you have in place, you can also add something a bit more tangible. For those extra big milestones, such as reaching a large profit goal or serving your 100,000th customer, an office party is a wonderful way to show your appreciation publicly.

Community Outreach

Corporate events don’t have to just be about recognizing the team internally. Sometimes, they’re about brand recognition and awareness. A great way to do this is by doing community outreach projects. Invite your team to give you causes their passionate about and find ways to give back together. Throw an after party where you invite the community and your team to share in a drink and sweet cake provided by your team.

Friends and Family Day

Hosting an annual friends and family day to bring everyone together outside of the office is a great way to build morale. Cakes for corporate events like this should be focused less on your company brand, and more on thanking your employees. Try including fun colors and a short and sweet message on the cake. Such as “Thanks for your hard work” or “We appreciate you!”

The list of corporate events where cake is welcome is endless. From donor parties to galas, a sweet surprise makes your brand that much more memorable. As with any personal touch, the more people feel you’re truly trying to make a connection with them, the more they’re likely to give in return.

Best Cakes for Corporate Events

The best cakes for your events are elegant and flavorful! For corporate events – stay away from the temptation to put your logo on the cake. It will leave people with unsightly, unevenly decorated pieces all around the room. Best cake designs for corporate celebrations are simple and elegant, opting instead to have colors that fit your theme.

As for picking the perfect flavor, simple vanilla is often the best crowd-pleaser. For in-office events – take the time to poll your team in advance and order cakes in the two most voted-for flavors. This will show that you listen and take some of the decision-making out of your hands. Now that’s a win-win! If you want to go adventurous with tropical flavors or something out-of-this-world decadent, make sure you have a more neutral cake or dessert on standby. If you try something too wild, you may accidentally alienate some of your attendees. This is double true if your corporate event is inviting potential investors, clients, and partners.

Let’s Cut Cake!

Okay, you’ve decided on the event, you’ve ordered the cake, and now you need to figure out how to serve it. If you’ve ever been to a birthday party, you know cutting cake can be tricky. Luckily there’s a right way for everything, and event-style cake cutting is here to save you! But what is event-style cake cutting? Honestly, the name makes if sound more complicated than it is. Event-style cake cutting is simply a way to cut your cakes into uniform pieces that leave room for the other food that’s been served.

In general, these pieces are 2 inches by 1 inch for 2-layer cakes and 1 inch by 1 inch for 3-layer cakes. If you’ve gone for a single-layer cake, feel free to up your sizes to 2 inches by 2 inches; just ensure you’ve ordered enough. This is simple to do on a square or rectangular cake but can feel a bit tricky on a round one. However it’s possible after watching a how-to video.

If you’d like to skip cutting the cake altogether, that’s possible by ordering cupcakes instead! You can check out our guide to sending corporate cupcakes – or read our brief summary of the perks of cupcakes below!

Cakes for corporate events -  elegant chocolate cupcakes

Cupcakes for Corporate Events

Cupcakes are multitasking superheroes in the dessert world. They allow you to easily order a variety of flavors, enjoy different decorations, and serve everyone their own self-contained bundle of joy! As a bonus – they make ordering enough for your guests effortless, as cupcakes are designed to feed one person. We always recommend ordering a few extra, just in case. Anything you have left over you can send home with your clean-up crew as a sweet thank you!

Cupcakes are appropriate for any and all corporate events! They even offer you extra decoration options, as you can get custom toppers with your logo, or even your guests names! Enjoy wrappers that are uniquely color coordinated, and even get alternating icing options. While they don’t initially seem as impressive as a full sheet cake, or tiered cake, you can make them that way. With creative cupcake stands, you can turn any assortment of cupcakes into an elegant and eye catching display!

Cupcakes are also far more practical for virtual events. Surprising your attendees with cupcakes as a thank you for meeting with you, or attending other virtual events will keep you at the front of their minds!

On Considering Cakes

At the end of the day – you know your company and your event best. If you have any concerns or considerations left unanswered, we’re here to help you answer them! You can reach out to our customer service team 24/7 to guide you through getting the perfect cake for you event!

You’ve learned about ordering cakes for corporate events; now what?

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