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Best Corporate Cakes to Send to International Offices

Every country in the world has its own variation of the tantalizing dessert we know as cake. From fluffy Victorian sponge to the bold fruit cake (you can learn about the real fruit cake here), there’s an endless list of tantalizing flavors to explore. This huge variety of flavors can make shopping for the best corporate cakes to send to international offices extra tricky.

Luckily the question “What’s the best cake to send to offices in another country” is something the experts at Cakes Overseas ask while building our decadent catalogs. Keep reading to find a brief overview of the top cakes to send to offices in our busiest countries.

Corporate Cake Recommendations: best corporate cakes to send to different countries

Corporate Cake Recommendations for the USA

Americans have strong opinions when it comes to cake. Each state has its own regional favorite. Luckily, there are unspoken rules about cakes for celebrations in the USA. If you’re sending a cake to an office in the USA to celebrate someone’s birthday, the answer is obvious. You should treat the birthday person to their favorite cake if you know it.

If you’re looking to reward the team for a job well done or send something sweet to say thank you, then your best bet is sending something neutral that everyone can enjoy. If you’re sending cake to an individual or a small team, you can make your gesture extra thoughtful by sending a flavor that caters to their favorites. However, finding out everyone’s favorite flavor of cake can feel overwhelming.  

The final verdict – the best cake to send to the office in the USA are cupcakes! Cupcakes allow you to easily send multiple different flavors at once! So you can send the top three favorite flavors, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, all at once.

Best Corporate Cakes to Send to the UK

Cake delivery to the UK is a delightful adventure! Surprising your business VIPs with a sweet treat is always a welcome gesture, no matter the flavor. When sending corporate cakes for personal reasons such as a recipient’s birthday or their business anniversary, it’s a good idea to send over their favorite cake. Keeping track of everyone’s favorite cake, however, is a huge endeavor. No need to panic if you don’t know it; a thoughtful message and follow-up call will likely mean more than sending the perfect flavor.

When it comes to sending cakes that celebrate the whole team in the UK, neutral flavors are best. From classic cheesecake to rich fudge cake, there are many popular neutral cakes to pick from. The larger the group you’re surprising, the more cake you’ll need. If you need to send multiple cakes, it’s a good idea to send a variety of flavors.

After all that – the best cake to send to the office in the UK is a Victorian sponge cake! This light and fluffy dessert is a national favorite! This cake is known for being brought out during celebrations, so the festive spirit is practically baked in.

Corporate Cake Recommendations for Australia

If you’re looking to send cake to Australia, you’re in the right place! When it comes to surprising any office in Australia with cakes – know that sweets are always welcome. Australians love an excuse to party! As usual, birthday cakes should cater to the birthday person’s taste.

When sending a corporate cake to reward an entire team or office – it’s good to stick with what’s popular. In Australia, that’s cakes featuring fresh and vibrant flavors. Bonus points for cakes featuring fresh fruits and silky smooth cream.

Overall – the best cake to send to the office in Australia is carrot cake! We aren’t sure if it’s the bold cream cheese icing or the surprising sweetness and tang from carrots that make this cake so iconic. No matter the reason, this culinary classic is sure to leave a smile on your recipients’ faces.

Corporate Cake Recommendations for Brazil

The most important thing to remember when planning cake delivery to Brazil is just how flavorful local food is! Food in Brazil is filled with bold spices and flavors, and the local cakes are made to match. Plain vanilla and simple chocolate may be safe bets elsewhere, but not here.

If you aren’t trying to surprise a specific person in the office, it’s a good idea to shop for cakes that are interesting. Picking something that has interesting textures and flavors is highly encouraged!

Our top pick for the best cake to send to the office in Brazil is coconut cake! Its unique texture and blend of flavors make coconut cake a showstopper!

Corporate Cake Recommendations for Canada

If you want to send a cake to Canada, you’re in for a treat! Canada is a melting pot – and the people there are always up for a culinary adventure! The more personal you can make your cake gift, the better.

After all is said and done, the best cake to send to the office in Canada is a red velvet cake! This dessert is not only stunning to look at but is also a comforting classic! This sweet taste of nostalgia is sure to delight your business VIPs on any occasion.

Corporate Cake Recommendations for China

Business gifts are part of corporate culture in China. Showing your appreciation by sending cakes to your corporate VIPs on their birthday, work anniversary or simply to say thank you are welcome gestures. And with Cakes Overseas cake delivery to China is quick and easy.

Pleasing everyone in the office in China is all about nostalgia and elegance. The way your cake looks is as important as the way your cake tastes. From elegant mooncakes for Lunar New Year to adorable red bean cakes, there’s a variety of unique desserts to send your business partners.

However, the best cake to send to the office in China has to be chocolate cake! Chocolate is a crowd favorite in China, and as a bonus, it pairs well with a variety of fruit. This makes it easy for bakeries to turn a simple chocolate cake into an elegant seasonal surprise with edible decoration.

Best corporate cakes to send: expert recommendations

Corporate Cake Recommendations for Germany

Surprising your business associates in Germany with a cake is a thoughtful and welcomed gesture. Best of all you don’t need a birthday or work anniversary to do it! (Though we’re positive birthday cakes are still welcome.)

Thanking the team for a job well done is an excellent reason to schedule cake delivery to Germany! Rich cakes with bold flavors reign supreme in Germany.

The best cake to send to the office in Germany is most likely rich and delicious. Black forest cake is known the world over for its rich chocolate flavor and bold texture. So it should be no surprise that black forest cake is the go-to dessert for corporate surprises in Germany.

Best Corporate Cakes to Send to Israel

When it comes to picking out the perfect cake for delivery to Israel, keeping it kosher is the best way to ensure that you include everyone. Kosher cake may sound like an impossibility where you’re from, but many local bakeries in Israel specialize in it, and we’re proud to work with them!

As far as finding the perfect flavors to please the crowd in the office, chocolate, spices, and fruit reign supreme. If you are able to send a variety of cakes, make sure they are clearly marked, especially if not all of them are kosher cakes.

The long and short of it is that the best cake to send to offices in Israel is a kosher one. The best flavor for that tempting treat is coconut cake, followed very closely by chocolate.

Corporate Cake Recommendations for Japan

Corporate gifts are a welcome and common sight in Japan! Having the creativity to send a cake to Japan to surprise your business partners is a great way to stand out. No matter if your sending a cake to celebrate their birthday or the whole team – presentation is key!

Food in Japan is almost like a show, and desserts are no exception. Bakeries pride themselves on unique decorations and stunning elegance. Favorite flavors include matcha, strawberry, chocolate, and rich vanilla. Textures of the most sought-after cake tend to imitate clouds, either light and fluffy or rich and bouncy.

The best cake to send to offices in Japan are roll cakes in popular flavors! These adorable sweets are some of the most iconic desserts in Japan and offer the perfect balance of cake and fillings in ever bite.

Best Corporate Cakes to Send to Mexico

Surprising your business partners, colleagues, and employees with cake delivery in Mexico is a wonderful idea! From birthdays to saying thank you, sending surprises to hard workers is always welcome.

Keep in mind that Mexico has a rich and deep culinary culture. The more food there is to share, the happier the party is. So it’s always advised to focus on flavors that will please the whole team. If you’re able to send a few flavor options, we highly recommend it.

But there is one cake that reigns supreme as the best cake to send to offices in Mexico – the iconic tres leches cake! This mouth-watering dessert is known all over the world for its rich texture! Incorporating three different milks soaked into the cake itself makes for an unforgettable mouthful and comforting flavor.

Best cakes to send to international offices - Tres leches cake

Corporate Cake Recommendations for Singapore

If you want to send cake to Singapore to treat your business VIPs, you’ve come to the right place. Singapore has a rich and vibrant culinary scene, and dessert is welcome at any time – especially if it can be shared. The best way to surprise your business partners and employees in Singapore with cake – is to send them a cake designed to share.

Eating is a social event – so whatever cake you choose to send make sure you send enough to go around. Bold flavors of rich chocolate and refreshing fruits are incredibly popular, so it’s easy to pick cakes that will please everyone.

The best cake to send to offices in Singapore is the black forest cake. This cake screams decadence and puts everyone in a partying mood. The bold chocolate, crumbly texture, and rich frosting makes this treat a real crowd pleaser.

Best Corporate Cakes to Send to South Africa

Send cake as a corporate gift is a welcome sight in South Africa. The country boast a rich food culture that brings people together for unique shared experiences. If you want to send cake to South Africa – know that any cake that is ready to share is a welcome surprise.

There are many regional favorites to enjoy – and if you are able to find a bakery that will send a local dessert, you absolutely should. Milk tart cake is an irresistible dessert that builds layers of texture with rich custard, a fluffy sponge, and generous cinnamon dusting. This regional dessert is a sure crowd-pleaser, but it isn’t alone. Malva pudding cake is another local wonder. It’s light, fluffy, filled with apricot jam, and covered with warm cream.

The long and short of it is that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to picking the best cake to send to offices in South Africa. Pick a cake with layers of different textures and flavors, and you’re sure to pick something the whole team will appreciate.

Corporate Cake Recommendations for the UAE

Before you schedule cake for delivery in the UAE – make sure you have a reason to send it. While corporate gifts are welcome, they can also feel like an obligation to return the gift. Ensuring you state the reason you send it, like wishing them a happy birthday, or thanking them for a job well done, will help them relax and enjoy your gift.

Second – stay away from cakes that use alcohol, as many people in the UAE do not consume alcohol for religious regions. After that, all the usual cake advice applies! Classic flavors reign supreme! Rich red velvet, fluffy vanilla, texture-rich carrot cake, the choices are seemingly endless.

The best cake to send offices in the UAE has to be chocolate cake in all of its forms! Take care to send a cake that is elegantly decorated, with clean lines, even layers, and just a touch of colorful accents.

Universal Tips for Sending Corporate Cake

Obviously, there are many other countries around the world to deliver to, and we’d like to help you with all of them. This handy checklist will help you impress your business partners, clients, colleagues, and employees around the world with international cake delivery.

  • — Check to see if your recipients have any allergies.
  • — Check to see if any of your recipients have dietary requirements.
  • — Talk with HR to see if employees can accept gifts at the office.
  • — If time allows, start asking your business contacts about their favorite flavors of cake and other gift preferences.
  • — Don’t forget to include a thoughtful card!
  • Bring your ideas to the experts in cake delivery to see how to maximize your corporate cake delivery budget and efforts.
  • — Make sure you follow up with your recipients to see how they enjoyed their cake!

Remember, the best part of sending corporate cakes to lucky recipients is that it is a sweet surprise! Each cake delivered is a thoughtful act that will help you build better working relationships by showing your sincere appreciation. If you need more assistance picking out the perfect corporate cake to send to offices around the world, feel free to contact us. Our customer service team is standing by 24/7 to help you every step of the way.  

You’ve learned about the best corporate cakes to send to international offices; now what?

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