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Rewarding The Remote Team – The Sweet Taste of Success

Many offices have chosen to remain hybrid – letting their employees pick and choose which work style suits them best. The benefits of having a remote team have been proven again and again since the pandemic hit in 2020. But a looming question remains in the business industry: What can be done about rewarding the remote team?

This blog dives into the issue – highlighting the need to reward the remote team. But the tips won’t stop there! You’ll learn more about how and when to reward your remote team for ensuring you’re getting the best out of their performance. Keep scrolling to learn the ins and outs of rewarding the remote team!

Rewarding the remote team - a worker sits outside while he works.

Why is Rewarding the Remote Team Necessary?

One of the top reasons employees leave a workplace is because they feel undervalued and underappreciated. While working from home offers many benefits, employees can easily feel overlooked when they aren’t in the workplace.

Worse – overlooking them becomes easy.

Building a robust employee recognition program that accounts for the unique challenges of rewarding the remote team is key to:

  • — Maintaining employee morale
  • — Increasing employee retention
  • — Boosting employee loyalty
  • — Inspiring creativity
  • — Increasing productivity

With these benefits, the need to reward the remote team is obvious. But first, you must start by motivating your employees to work hard. As nice as it would be, it simply isn’t practical to reward everyone all of the time.  

How do You Motive Remote Employees?

First, you’ll want to start by setting clear goals and objectives. Try putting together an office newsletter to update your teams on key performance metrics and statistics. Include a section that will highlight your new employees, as well as valuable members.

This communication will lay out transparent expectations for their success while demonstrating your company recognizes and values your key performers.

If you have a hybrid office, ensure that both your in-office and remote workers are featured.

Next, make sure you are clear about the ways your remote team can earn rewards. Some common reasons for rewarding the remote team are:

  • — Completing key projects early
  • — Figuring out ways to streamline work
  • — Making realistic and implementable suggestions to improve your company
  • — Going above and beyond

Making a clear list of ways for your remote team to earn rewards helps everyone get on the same page. More importantly, it can help employees from feeling like there aren’t clear ways to stand out.

A beautiful cake and 3 gift boxes for rewarding the remote team

How do You Reward a Team Working Remotely?

Rewarding remote teams isn’t as simple as hosting an office lunch or team trip. But fear not! There are plenty of options to show your remote employees how much you value their hard work.

Virtual Reward Parties

With so many upgrades in virtual meeting rooms – holding a virtual reward party is easy and fun! Spice things up by holding a reward ceremony where you highlight the efforts of your MVPs. Better still, make sure you announce the kind of reward they’re getting – from PTO to a decadent sweet treat.

Alternatively, you can reward a team as a whole by giving them a virtual party all their own. With Cakes Overseas, it’s easy to coordinate the delivery of treats ahead of time! Allowing everyone to connect casually and improve their bonds as a team.

Gifts for Rewarding the Remote Team

Virtual parties are fun, but they aren’t practical to hold often. Moreover – one of the reasons some employees prefer to work remotely is their introverted nature.

Rewarding your remote team with periodic surprise gifts can be a great way to improve their loyalty. The obvious place to start is by surprising employees with a birthday gift. To really go above and beyond, have your HR and Management team come up with key milestones and goals the team can hit to earn other surprises.

Make sure you vary the size to fit the occasion. For instance – e-gift cards are perfect for rewarding a team for completing a project on time. While a more tangible gift, like a care package, is just the thing to welcome a new employee or celebrate an anniversary.

Holidays are another perfect time to reward your remote team! Time the gifts for the New Year to start the year on a positive note.

Reap The Rewards Of Rewarding

However you choose to reward your remote teams, be prepared to reap the benefits. As we mentioned at the start of this article, a robust employee reward program is likely to lead to better quality work, more creativity, and innovation. The best reward you can give your MVPs is the freedom to experiment and grow!

You’ve learned how to reward the remote team – now what?

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