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Cake Trends Emerging From Different Parts of the World

Each time I dive into the world of Tik Tok, I’m amazed by the incredible talents of international bakers. More so, the exclusive glimpse into the latest cake trends that are currently revolutionizing the baking scene! This only reaffirms the boundless creativity of baking. Along with the array of emerging cake trends that are almost too stunning to indulge in.

Cakes have long been a symbol of celebration and joy, perfect for any birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion. Crafted in countless styles, flavors, colors, and designs, cakes embody love and generosity. They possess a magical ability to add a touch of joy and festivity to any gathering. Making every moment more memorable and delightful. Let’s dive into a wave of inspiration, as we explore cake trends from different parts of the world. 

cake pops are an emerging cake trend

The Rise of Tray Bakes and Treat Baskets in Cake Trends 

The resurgence of old-fashioned tray bakes is the latest cake trend in the baking world. Bringing a delightful wave of nostalgia with it. We’re really rediscovering the charm of classic sheet cakes! It’s the art of decoration that transforms these simple bakes into something truly spectacular. Moreover, tray bakes such as brownies are becoming a popular choice for inclusion in beautifully curated treat boxes. While treat boxes might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of cake trends, they are proving to be a versatile choice in the world of baked goodies.

Top Cake Trends in 2023

As the year comes to a close, let’s take a look at some of the post popular cake trends to grace the baking scene in 2023. 

2D Comic Cakes 

Beyond doubt, 2D Comic Cakes represent some of the most charming cake designs I’ve ever seen. And yet they are s easy to create. Comic Cakes or 2D cakes are standard cakes adorned in a cartoon-like style in order to achieve a 2D appearance. Parts of the cake have a distinctive appearance when including dark fondant strips as a diagram.

Indulge in a playful, comic-book-inspired cake that seems as if it’s leaped right out of a humorous cartoon strip. It’s a delightful way to fulfill anyone’s cake fantasies. This trend is the ideal selection for kid’s cakes

Lambeth Style

Dating back to the 1700s in France, the resurgence of this style is the more surprising trends in cake design. Known as the Lambeth or vintage style, this approach is characterized by its intricately elaborate and lavish piping. The designs are rich in texture and often vibrant in color. There’s a renewed interest in vintage and retro-styled cakes, reminiscent of the nostalgic cake delights from one’s childhood. These cakes are dynamic and visually stunning, radiating a sense of joy to anyone who sees them.

To create these effects, you can experiment with a variety of piping tips. Or even just one or two for different styles. Finish off the cake with elegant swirls or decorations such as elegant sparkling cherries or delicately piped roses.

You can use several piping tips or just one or two to achieve lots of different effects. Top the cake with swirls or decorations like glittery cherries or piped roses for the ultimate romantic cake.

Mini Cakes 

In a time where social gatherings have been limited globally, there’s been a rising trend in opting for smaller-sized desserts, with mini cakes becoming particularly fashionable in 2023. This shift towards smaller confections presents bakers with opportunities to hone their baking and decorating skills, all while being mindful of ingredient usage and avoiding waste.

Additionally, the size of mini cakes makes them ideal for intricate designs, such as pointillism, without the task of piping countless dots on a larger canvas. They serve as perfect, thoughtful presents, offering a charming cake option for couples and friends.

Slogan Cakes

Personalised cakes never go out of style! Adding slogans is one of the cake trends on the rise, with that tongue-in-cheek, meme-like feel winning fans everywhere.

Slogan cakes can be funny, but they can also be really cute, and they are an easy way to make your cake stand out. Whether you’re adding a quote from an iconic film, a pun about the event you’re baking for, or even just a sweet message alongside the person’s name, what better way to say it than with icing?!

Dessert Cups 

Spinning off from mini cakes, here’s another way to create smaller portions. Cake shooters are layered cake, fillings and frosting in shot glasses or champagne flutes. Display them on a table and with spoons for easy serving and cleanup! These are really easy to travel with and for some gatherings they can be more practical than a full-size cake.

the latest cake trends in the baking scene

Cake Trends around the World

Go global with your next bake. We’ve rounded up a list of cake trends from around the world. Find decadent cakes from Australia, France, Japan and more.

Japan – Minimalist Cake 

Japan is known for its minimalist approach in various art forms, and this has extended to cakes as well. Simple designs with delicate flavors such as matcha (green tea), yuzu (a fragrant citrus), and sakura (cherry blossom) are popular. In Japan, the art of cake-making mirrors the cultural emphasis on minimalism and subtlety. Japanese cake trends are often characterized by their simple yet elegant designs. 

France – Entremet Cakes 

The French entremet cake, a multi-layered mousse-based cake with various complementary flavors and textures, is gaining popularity worldwide. These cakes are known for their elegance and intricate layers. France, renowned for its culinary excellence, has given the world the entremet cake. This dessert is a multi-layered creation, combining various textures and flavors, such as creamy mousse, crunchy praline, and soft sponge. 

Australia – Naked Cakes 

In Australia, the trend of “naked” cakes (cakes with minimal outer frosting to show off the cake layers and filling) is popular. Often dressed with fresh fruits and flowers, this cake exudes rustic and natural charm.

United Kingdom – Vegan and Gluten-free Cakes 

The UK is seeing a surge in the popularity of vegan and gluten-free cakes, catering to a growing demand for inclusive dessert options. 

USA – Funfetti and Confetti Cakes

The United States has popularized funfetti and confetti cakes, synonymous with celebration and joy. These colorful cakes, with rainbow sprinkles baked inside, bring a playful and whimsical element to any occasion. The trend reflects America’s love for bold, fun, and inclusive celebrations, making these cakes a hit not just in the US but also internationally.

Funfetti cake trends with candles

Sending Cake Trends to Family and Friends Overseas

Sending trending cakes to friends and family overseas has become a delightful way to bridge distances and share cultural experiences through the universal language of desserts. With the rise of international cake delivery services, it’s now easier than ever to send a slice of local flavor and trend to loved ones abroad. 

Whether it’s a minimalist cake sent to Japan, a vibrant South Korean flower-piped cake, or a comforting “hygge”-inspired cake sent to the Netherlands, these deliveries are more than just desserts; they’re a way to connect and share the art of baking. 

gift cake trends to friends and family around the world
Happy birthday boy looking on cake with candles surronding friends

You’ve learned about International Cake Trends: Now What?

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