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How to Deliver a Cake to Another Country

We all understand the feeling of wanting to celebrate a birthday, a milestone, or just send a surprise to a loved one in another country. But the challenges of delivering a cake to another country – while maintaining its freshness and avoiding damage during transit, can often deter us from the gesture. 

Luckily for you, there are a select few organizations who are changing the game when it comes to international cake delivery. Instead of dealing with the expenses and complexities of shipping cake thousands of miles away, you can now pair up with companies that partner with top local bakeries in the recipient’s country. 

How to Deliver a Cake to Another Country: A selection of cakes and treats

Can You Send Baked Goods in the Mail Internationally? 

The short answer is: yes, you can ship baked goods internationally. Yet, it’s important to understand the risks of mailing cakes and baked items overseas. Firstly, there’s the ever-present risk of damage during transit. No matter how secure the packaging, the turbulence of international shipping can easily transform a beautiful cake into a crumbled mess. 

Then there’s the matter of freshness. Timing is everything when it comes to sending baked goods in the mail. Many postal and courier services advise against sending perishable food items that may spoil in transit. Cakes are delicate creations, and their moisture and flavor can deteriorate over extended travel periods. 

And, we haven’t even gotten to the shipping costs. Regulations and international shipping restrictions around baked goods are tricky. Bear in mind that you need to comply with the local legislation of the country you are shipping the goods to. Be sure to check the rules of the designated courier you choose. Some delivery services may refuse to send the parcel if it contains prohibited items. 

How to Deliver a Cake to Another Country? 

The best way to deliver a cake to another country is by sourcing cakes locally. This is where Cakes Overseas comes in. Instead of dealing with the complexities of mailing cakes from one country to another; Cakes Overseas partners with local bakeries in the recipient’s country. 

As a result, your loved ones receive fresh, delicious and beautifully crafted cakes delivered straight to their doorstep. Cakes Overseas partners with local bakeries and sweets shops to supply you with delicious desserts for any holiday or occasion. We pride ourselves on providing a unique gifting experience from the moment you select one of our cakes with easy online ordering until you’ve reached checkout with our secure payment. 

Not only are you supporting local businesses in your recipient’s country, you are also guaranteed a swift and easy delivery! With our delivery policy our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. If your order is incorrect, we’ll do everything we can to fix it! Or, if your cake arrives damaged, we’ll replace it. If you receive it later than the guaranteed arrival time, we’ll refund your shipping and handling costs. We are available 24/7 to help with your needs throughout your entire buying process!

How to Deliver a Cake to Another Country with Cakes Overseas? 

Cakes Overseas is dedicated to making sweets even sweeter with quick and easy international delivery! We can help you send cakes, cookies, wine, and more tasty treats to your loved ones in dozens of countries worldwide! Freshly baked cakes in all shapes and sizes. Our cakes, sweets, gourmet gift baskets, and other gifts are always made to order locally and lovingly delivered to your recipient. 

Cakes Overseas offers multiple ways for you to place your order! Get the cake you want, how you want, with the ordering method you prefer. Click here to discover your ordering options.

Although sending cakes to a loved one overseas can be a delightful surprise, there are occasions where gift flexibility is preferred. This is where gift certificates come in. With Cakes Overseas gift certificates, you can allow your recipient to choose their ideal flavor, size, and design. You can ensure that they get a cake that perfectly suits their taste. Furthermore, this is a great solution for those last-minute gifting dilemmas. 

Bulk Cake and Gift Delivery to Another Country

We also offer corporate cake delivery services. With our Bulk Order options, you can send multiple gifts to recipients all around the world. With our user-friendly Excel-based Bulk Order Template, ordering cake gifts becomes a breeze. The template ensures that all necessary information is entered accurately, streamlining the management and documentation of large corporate orders.

When you’re ready to order for three or more recipients, simply download the Bulk Order Template or Google Spreadsheet, fill in the required fields, and submit it via email. It’s crucial to note that we can only accept bulk orders in this specific format as it seamlessly integrates with our ordering processing system. Always utilize our most up-to-date form and ensure all details are completed!

You’ve learned how to deliver a cake to another country: Now What? 

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